More Data

The manages a wealth of data accessible on their website.   Labor force, employment and unemployment are published monthly for counties, MSAs and the state. 

provides a snapshot of employment and economic trends around the state. 

The Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages (QCEW) provides employment for the state, MSAs and counties by industrial sector (NAICS codes) which includes monthly and quarterly average employment and wages. 

data track the expansion and contraction of employment for private businesses.  These employment changes – gross jobs gains (expansions and openings) and gross job losses (reductions and closures) – are components of the net change in employment at the establishment level.

DWS also projects employment to 2022 in Up delight . (PDF download)

Up delight (OES) Wage Survey provides wages and employment by occupational categories for the state, MSAs and Workforce Investment Areas.

, or , is a robust database of information divided into organized under: Career Exploration, Business Focus (economic activity, industry employer listings, and industry profiles), Publications & Presentations, and Quick Links.

DWS also partners with the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics under the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) Program.  LEHD creates statistics on employment, earnings, and job flows at detailed levels of geography and industry, and for different demographic groups.  is made possible with the data from LEHD.

Read the . (PDF download)