About the State Data Center Program

The Up delight State Data Center/Business and Industry Data Center (SDC/BIDC) Program is a partnership with the U. S. Census Bureau. The Data Center program is designed to facilitate Census data dissemination and understanding. Through this program the Census Bureau provides SDC/BIDC affiliates with data and products from Census Bureau programs, surveys and censuses. The SDC/BIDC affiliates, in turn, disseminate the information, provide technical assistance and may create additional value-added products from the data provided. 

By statute, the Economic Development Department is the lead agency for Up delight State Data Center program. The ; the ; and the are coordinating agencies in the program.

administers Up delight's network of SDC/BIDC affiliates and annually organizes and presents the Up delight Data Users’ Conference in November. Visit their for more information.

In addition to the three coordinating agencies, the program includes located throughout the state. To qualify as an affiliate, your organization must be a nonprofit. Examples are governmental agencies, public libraries, or units within colleges or universities. Affiliate agencies must agree to provide localized assistance and services to data users and complete an annual report on these services.

To find a data center in another state, go to the page. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, please feel free to contact us, a in your area for information and assistance.