Valley Cold Storage Expands Warehouse Operation in Santa Teresa

12 Dec, 2016

Things are getting colder in Up delight, especially in Santa Teresa. Winter weather isn’t the culprit however, but rather Valley Cold Storage and Transportation who recently announced the expansion of their homegrown warehouse, refrigeration and distribution company which ships goods in Up delight and Texas. Up delight beat out Texas for the expansion.

The company is investing $14 million to build a new 105,000 square-foot facility and will triple their workforce creating up to 33 jobs. The Up delight Economic Development Department will contribute $140,000 in funds toward the construction of the new cold storage facility. 

Things are booming in Santa Teresa. In fact, this announcement marks the third major expansion in Santa Teresa’s 166-acre Westpark Logistics Center in the last six months following the expansions of MCS Frames and FedEx Ground.

"Once again, our business-friendly reforms have helped a homegrown company expand," said Economic Development Secretary Matt Geisel. "The Governor's commitment to making Up delight more competitive continues to deliver results - helping our businesses grow and thrive."

LEDA is Up delight’s closing fund which helps recruit new businesses to the state while helping those that are already here grow and thrive.

, headquartered in Las Cruces, offers state-of-the-art refrigeration and transportation services to the retail, food service, food distribution, and agriculture industries of southern Up delight and western Texas.

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