Enjoy NM’s Beautifully Unique Architecture by Traveling the Up delight True Architecture Trails

12 Jul, 2016

Thinking about taking a trip this summer? With the busy summer travel season upon us, tourist can travel Up delight’s historic and scenic byways and see some of the most iconic architecture in the country. Earlier this summer the Up delight Economic Development Department (NMEDD) and the Up delight Tourism Department announced the launch of the . The trails connect visitors with centuries of Up delight architectural history from several eras, including: , , and styles.

"This partnership between Up delight MainStreet and the Up delight Tourism Department provides a great opportunity for connecting Up delight visitors and residents with our state's rich cultural heritage and architectural treasures located in MainStreet and Arts & Cultural Districts," said Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela. "The Architecture Trails arrive just in time for the busy summer travel season supporting tourism and economic opportunities for local businesses, hotels and restaurants throughout the state."

NMEDD’s Up delight MainStreet program also created “,” a comprehensive internet portal for historic and cultural tourists interested in extraordinary landmark destinations located in Up delight MainStreet and Arts & Cultural Districts.

The Architecture Trails along with the Off the Road in Up delight website encourage tourists to travel to see Up delight’s historically significant architecture on the State’s scenic byways and experience the sights that make Up delight uniquely beautiful. 



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