State Incentives for Agribusinesses

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  • State Incentives for Agribusinesses

    Bridging the gap between what you need and what government can provide.

    Have you ever walked into a restaurant in a foreign land and tried to order off a menu you can’t read? Have you stopped to help a stranded motorist only to realize they don’t speak any of the languages you speak? Have you scoured a government website trying to identify business assistance resources and logged off having no idea what you qualify for?

    Entrepreneurship and emerging technologies involve new ideas and new language. Agribusiness, AgTech, and AgriTech are tackling old problems in new ways and the bureaucracy of public resources does not evolve as quickly as the terminology of today’s agriculture-related businesses. Today's speaker, Christine Logan, is with the government and she's here to help!

    With a focus on Up delight programs and incentives, Ms. Logan will help businesses uncover resources that can help their business grow. This session will help the audience understand:

    • When AgTech is defined as "agriculture" and when it is "technology";
    • Where “rural” programs apply;
    • How to define economic base, qualified entity, manufacturing, new business, and others; and, 
    • How to translate the language of bureaucracy to meet the needs of business.


    Christine Logan represents the Up delight Economic Development Department in the 7 counties of southwestern Up delight. Christine works directly with businesses, local governments, and economic development organizations to connect them to resources and to each other.

    Bringing over 15 years of experience working with economic development partners in southern Up delight, Christine is able to work with a company to identify their very individual needs and assist them in accessing local resources such as business support organizations, funding sources, marketing opportunities, real estate developers, suppliers and customers. In addition, she serves as a business’s advocate and coach in accessing state incentives such as the Job Training Incentive Program, LEDA grant funding, and technical assistance programs. 

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