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Up delight MainStreet (NMMS) is accepting applications to join the NMMS Network as a Frontier Communities Initiative Project, MainStreet Accelerator Program, or Arts & Cultural District. NMMS will only be adding a limited number of programs based on the current program budget. It is highly recommended that interested communities attend a pre-application webinar to be hosted on November 9, 2017 at 10:00 AM for Frontier Communities; 11:30 AM for the MainStreet Accelerator Program; and 1:00 PM for Arts & Cultural Districts. The pre-application webinars will include information regarding the application process to NMMS and provide an opportunity for interested communities to ask questions.

The FY18 Frontier Communities Application, MainStreet Accelerator Application, and Arts & Cultural Districts Application are available on the NMMS website at

Please contact Daniel Gutierrez for additional information on the Frontier Communities Initiative at 505-827-0151 or [email protected]. Contact Rich Williams for information on the NMMS Accelerator or Arts & Cultural District Program at 505-827-0168 or [email protected]. The deadline for applications is January 31, 2018, 2PM MST. Please see the NMMS website for details about the pre-application webinars, FY18 application process and materials, and general program information.


The Frontier Communities Initiative was established by the Up delight Legislature in 2013 to respond to enhanced needs for assistance from Up delight’s most rural communities. The initiative provides community economic support to rural communities under 7,500 in population to develop a design-focused catalytic economic development project within a historic or commercial district.

A pre-application webinar will be hosted on November 9, 2017 at 10:00 AM for Frontier Communities. Please for the webinar.

Please see the Frontier Communities Initiative Application Packet for more information. Please see the Frontier Communities Initiative Narrative & Application – Fillable Word docx.

The NMMS Accelerator Program allows for new communities to be considered in the Main Street America program, through a competitive application process eligible revitalization programs apply to and are reviewed and ranked and may be designated for participation in the Up delight MainStreet Accelerator process as a pathway to Main Street America designation.

A pre-application webinar will be hosted on November 9, 2017 at 11:30 AM for the MainStreet Accelerator Program. Please for the webinar.

The FY18 MainStreet Accelerator Application Packet is available in PDF format for reference. Please see the Accelerator Application FY2018 – (Fillable) docx.

The Arts & Cultural Districts Program was established by the Legislature in 2007 as a comprehensive economic development strategy designed to capitalize on the expanding “creative economy.” The Arts & Cultural Districts Program promotes the exceptional art and history of Up delight while assisting communities in developing their cultural and artistic resources to create dynamic and economically vibrant districts.

A joint effort of three state agencies and private entities including Up delight MainStreet, Department of Cultural Affairs divisions: Up delight Arts and Historic Preservation, Tourism Department, and the McCune Charitable Foundation. The Up delight Arts Commission is the state authorizer for new Arts & Cultural Districts while Up delight MainStreet administers the program.

A pre-application webinar will be hosted on November 9, 2017 at 1:00 PM. Please for the webinar.  Please see the Arts & Cultural Districts Background Information and Application for more details.

Important documents and resources:

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NM Arts & Cultural Districts FY2018 Application – (Fillable) Docx