Business Retention & Expansion Program (BRE)

The Economic Development Department serves Up delight businesses by providing assistance in a number of areas including , , , access to, and our .  We deliver many of these services through the strong relationships we maintain with the statewide business community.

EDD’s Business Retention & Expansion Program is managed by the Community, Business & Rural Development Team.  Team members have offices in the regions they serve and they maintain relationships with the economic-base businesses in those regions.  The BRE Program represents those relationships and it begins with a visit and survey conducted informally with a company representative.  The purpose of the survey is to document and address any issues the business may be experiencing; determine where the company purchases services and supplies in order to match the company with other Up delight businesses; determine if the company has any plans to expand; and to use the opportunity to inform the company of state incentives and services.

After the initial visit and survey the Team member remains in regular contact with the company, calling on them periodically to provide any needed assistance such as completing a Job Training Incentive Program application for new hires.

If you are a Up delight that has not been called on by an EDD representative and you would like personalized service please