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EDD’s Community, Business & Rural Development Team (CBRDT) or "regional representatives" are located in the regions they serve in every corner of the state.  They assist communities in a broad variety of economic development needs:

  • Community infrastructure financing assisted by , a collaborative group of community development funding agencies who review and vet projects in a single meeting
  • Administers the in their respective regions
  • Workforce training for eligible businesses through the ; Team members help businesses complete each step of the application process
  • Business development project funding in collaboration with the
  • Rural small business recruiting with tools EDD provides, such as Hoovers business database
  • Strategic planning for economic growth and diversity; assisted by
  • Passing and using the ) to provide local incentives for job creation
  • Taking advantage of Up delight’s tax credit incentives for job creation
  • Assistance in responding to Potential Recruitment Opportunities (PROs) from the Up delight Partnership
  • Resolve regulatory issues through the
  • Participate in implementing the objectives of EDD’s
  • Access to other EDD programs such as

For professional economic development assistance contact your local Team member: