Success Stories


  • Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery: OBA assisted the Brewery with an access permit for an easement from the Up delight Department of Transportation in order to build a new facility.  The expansion created 11 new jobs in Silver City.


  • Flexible Liner Under Ground Tech (FLUTe):  FLUTe was having difficulty obtaining approval from the State Engineer to sell 20 acre-feet of water rights to Rio Arriba County. OBA was able to get the application expedited. Proceeds from the sale funded the company’s expansion and the creation of four new jobs in Alcalde.
  • Comfort Inn Sierra County: OBA was contacted by the hotel owners because the Department of Transportation was to begin bridge construction work on Exit 79 from I-25. The work was scheduled to begin in May, creating possible issues for the summer season at Elephant Butte Lake. OBA was able to intercede and the bridge project start date was moved to October 2014.


  • Fatman’s Beef Jerky: Fatman’s is a food processor that was experiencing delays with its final USDA inspection, preventing the company from opening. OBA learned the building did not meet code for a meat processing facility because of faulty floor installation issues. The Construction Industries Division of RLD and OBA identified a way for the Town of Hagerman to recover the cost of the repair from the original contractors bond.
  • PreCheck: This business conducts background research for its clients and encountered problems with an increase in the state’s private investigators license. Once RLD realized the negative impacts on PreCheck OBA was able to negotiate a reasonable amount for the company, keeping them in Alamogordo.


  • Cryq Energy: Cyrq is building the state’s first geothermal power generation facility in Hidalgo County and was faced with a potential dual-permitting process given existing (limited) definitions of water usage with a non-consumptive power generation process. OBA helped create legislation to streamline the geothermal permitting process allowing construction to begin.
  • The Medical Resort At Fiesta Park:  This Albuquerque skilled-nursing facility encountered delays in its final state inspection. The facility received full licensure in 2012 and opened with 40 new employees.
  • Denny’s: This new restaurant in Hobbs was close to completion and a planned grand-opening when it realized the necessary electrical inspection was not done locally representing potential delays. OBA was able to work with NMED to identify an inspector in Roswell. The first Denny’s in Hobbs opened a few days after their target deadline with 30 full time employees.


  • Murray Hotel: Owners of this historic Silver City hotel contacted the Office of Business Advocacy for assistance with construction inspection requirements. OBA staffed worked with the Regulation and Licensing Department (RLD) to resolve permitting issues that were delaying the certificate of occupancy from being issued. OBA worked with RLD to meet the Hotel timeline and its bank funding obligations.
  • Border Foods, Inc.: This Deming green chile processor contacted OBA with concerns its minor-use permit for equipment purchased to support a company expansion would not be issued in time to coordinate new job hires for the chile harvest. OBA worked with the Up delight Environment Department (NMED) to ensure the permit application was approved. As a result, 200 jobs were saved and Border Foods was able to expand its seasonal and fulltime employees.
  • Leprino Foods:  Leprino is a mozzarella cheese processor in Roswell and it requested assistance with a pending water transfer application. The company agreed to transfer water to the City of Roswell. The transfer was delayed for over a year and the issue became a priority for the company and the city. OBA determined that it had been delayed by NMED due to missing information. Once the added documentation was provided, NMENV was able to complete the transfer and the company moved forward with expansion plans.
  • Old Martina’s Hall: Located in Ranchos De Taos, the restaurant was denied its beer and wine service license because it is within 300 feet of a church.  OBA worked with RLD to negotiate a variance and Martina’s receivd the license. The hotel opened in 2011 with 35 fulltime employees.

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