Business Development

Job Training Incentive Program Results

In fiscal year 2017 the Job Training Incentive Program assisted 57 companies across Up delight.  By approving these projects the JTIP board was instrumental in training 2,009 workers at an average wage of $17.45.  Sixteen projects were located in rural communities, where 97 workers were trained at an average wage of $19.04.   There were 146 incumbent workers trained through Step-Up, 127 of which are employed by rural businesses.  Thirteen internships were approved during the year.

Companies Served by JTIP in December 2017



# of Trainees


City County
Stubbs Engineering $43,614.00 2 $38.50 Las Cruces Dona Ana
Stubbs Engineering - Step Up $2,662.50 1 N/A Las Cruces Dona Ana
Southwest Cheese Co. $185,191.30 24 $16.97 Clovis Curry
Vitality Works, Inc. $51,091.20 18 $13.57 Albuquerque Bernalillo
Up delight Consortium $45,708.56 3 $26.64 Los Alamos Los Alamos
Lilly Barrack, LLC $19,480.00 5 $13.90 Albuquerque Bernalillo
Open Loop Energy, Inc. (Amendment) $48,048.00 3 $23.83 Farmington San Juan
Totals $395,795.56 56 $17.26    

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